There's a book with a picture of my grandpa while he is serving in WWII.  My mom got it for all of us one year at Christmas.  And when I look at that picture, of him and his unit, taking cover from German strafing, it reminds me that the stories you hear from veterans about their service are usually pretty sanitized for those of us who wouldn't understand the horrors of war, or why it's necessary.  My grandpa protected his family then, and also later each time after he told us of his service, glossing over the real casualties, and injuries he suffered.

It's the same with the Veterans Day Parade. We see these Vets, and thank them for their service, mostly unaware the real sacrifice they, and their family, have made. 

The 2019 Veterans Day Parade Route is ready to go, set for November 11th with step off at 10am, and this year's parade has an exciting new Veteran Parade Marshall. He's got an impressive resume; a Vet of World War 2, Korean War, and Vietnam, and is 95 years old.

The parade route is the same as the past few years:

Davenport Veteran Parade Route
Davenport Veterans Day Parade Route

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