When we heard last week that an unidentified male celebrity was HIV-positive and that this celebrity was known for "one night stands, drug binges, and encounters with prostitutes", we were all thinking Charlie Sheen.

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Well, it looks like we were right. Charlie is reportedly going to admit it to Matt Lauer this morning on the "Today" show.

Charlie is supposedly coming clean because several former partners threatened to sue him, because he didn't tell them he was HIV-positive when they had sex. There's even talk that Charlie has settled with some of them by giving them cash in exchange for their silence.

According to TMZ, Charlie has been taking meds for HIV, and having regular blood tests, and they show the virus is undetectable in his system. So Charlie doesn't feel like he deceived anyone, because he's either not contagious or cured, or something along those lines.

A big-time Hollywood publicist and crisis manager named Howard Bragman says he was approached by Charlie's people six months ago about helping him deal with this. He says, "[Charlie] is getting treatment, and a lot of people in his life know about it. It's been going on for quite a while."

At least one source says Charlie has been hiding this for four years.

Meanwhile, Charlie recently split with the publicist he's had for 35 years. The guy says, "We had a disagreement about how to handle a situation and we parted ways."

According to "Us Weekly", Denise Richards has known about Charlie's condition for years. She has nothing to worry about, since this happened long after they split. Charlie's latest ex-wife Brooke Mueller has yet to comment. They split about four years ago, in 2011 and may have had relations since then.

One of Charlie's former goddesses (remember those days?) came forward to say she's not HIV-positive. Porno minx Bree Olson didn't mention Charlie by name, but addressed the rumors about, "one of my ex-boyfriends from years ago." She said she's been tested every year since they broke up, and she's clean.

Another former "goddess", Natalie Kenley, says Charlie is not a monster who would put people's lives at risk. And Charlie's longtime friend Heather Locklear offered prayers for Charlie and his family, along with the words "My heart hurts."