Casey's pizza is a Midwestern staple, especially in Iowa. Any true Iowan knows if you order a pizza from Casey's, to rip that pizza top tab off the side of the box. 10 of those bad boys and you have yourself a free pizza. That experience is about to change.

Starting January 1st, all pizza tops are going digital, but if you have the Casey's App already, you can, and already have been earning the digital tops as of December 1st.

As when any change comes there are people who don't like the idea, citing issues for the elderly who don't know how to use current technology. Many more say they like the change, because it'll be easier to keep track of and they can check on their progress without having to dig through multiple drawers to find all the tabs.

Most people probably have something more like this:

Chad Weeks via Facebook

You can take that Ziplock bag to any Casey's General Store to get your carbon copy pizza tabs transformed into digital pizza tabs anytime before March 1st.

A movement has already risen up on social media, called "Stop Casey's from dropping free pizza box tops." Help spread the movement.

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