Everyday you have the chance to make somebody's day better. Most of the time it doesn't even take much effort, like sending a card.


We received this message from a listener:

I'm sure you get requests like this all the time but I figured I'd at least try one more.

My mother-in-law has been fighting cancer for a few months now. She's been in the hospital or rehab center for almost all of it because she lost her ability to walk. The tumor is wrapped around her spine.

I have asked on my Facebook page several times for people to please send her cards and messages to keep her spirits up. I worry that she wants to throw in the towel because she still isn't walking. It seems like something always comes up. She is back in the hospital now with a nasty infection.

If you could please ask your listeners to send her cards, that would be absolutely amazing. She displays all of her cards on her walls at the rehab center. I told her that they day she kicks cancer's ass and walks again, we could make a scrapbook from all of these cards. I'd love to really make her day and have her walls completely covered.

So how about it? Let's make Mary's day and send a card with some well-wishes. Cards and letters can be sent to:

Red Oak Rehab & Care Center C/O Mary Chapman
1600 E Summit St.
Red Oak, IA 51566