Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas started in the matchup against the Cubs on Thursday, July 27th lasted less than half of an inning after a weird turn of events that you don't see often.

Just 11 pitches and two outs into the game, things became chaotic. The Cubs' Ian Happ was at the plate, and Mikolas pitched normally, but in a swing at the ball, Ian Happ's backswing caught Cardinals catcher Willson Contreras.

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Willson Contreras threw his mask off and held his head until an athletic trainer came out to the field with a towel. He left the field holding his head as it bled profusely.

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Obviously upset his catcher was injured, Mikolas' next pitch was high and inside as a warning shot. However, that wasn't all. On the very next pitch, Mikolas piped a 94mph fastball right into the hip of Ian Happ.

Immediately, the umpires began conferencing about the affair, and ultimately decided to throw Mikolas out of the game - 14 pitches, 2 outs into the game.

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Arguing the call, Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol came out of the dugout to 'have a talk' with the umpires, but they ultimately ejected him as well - 14 pitches, 2 outs into the game.

MLB fans are divided on the internet, some saying Mikolas was rightfully ejected, some saying officials should've given him a warning, and others saying they felt Happ hitting Contreras was intentional.

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