I always try and teach my kids that karma is real.  Sometimes she takes her time on the backend though.  When someone wrongs you you'd like to glance back at them and see karma smack them right in the face immediately...but it doesn't always work that way.

But sometimes it does.

There was a guy in Maryland named Shamari Reid who was driving with a buddy of his in a stolen SUV last week.  I'm not sure if the guilt of stealing a car was getting to them or maybe they had intentions of stealing another car.  But either way they decided to "help" a "stranded" person who had a flat tire.


They pulled over and offered to help and when they were knee deep in tire jacks and lug nuts, the stranded fella jumped into their stolen SUV and tried to steal it again!

Is that double jeopardy? No, I guess not.

But as luck would have it he threw it in reverse and tried to drive off but instead he slammed into a curb and got stuck.

The flat tire guy, 19-year-old Tykel Wilson, ended up pulling a gun on the thieves turned good Samaritans, but threw the piece in the woods before the cops got there.

Two stolen cars.  Two bad guys.  Two active warrants. Two new charges for them now as well.

See?  Sometimes karma doesn't waste any time at all. She just walked right up and kicked a couple guys in the teeth.  Now, if I could give Karma a list....I think she's back logged a few "to-do" items.


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