26-year-old Jordan Haskins from Saginaw, Michigan has a car sex fetish. Now, it's not exactly what you're thinking, it doesn't involve the tailpipe. Which is good, I guess.

Jordan's fetish involves fondling himself in a running car, because he says the bumping motion and the sound of the engine turn him on.

Well, back in November, Jordan stole a government car, ripped out the spark plugs to make his ride bumpier, and got-it-on with himself while he drove.

Last week, while he was still waiting for his trial for that little adventure, Jordan stole four more cars from a car dealership and took them joyriding.

On the bright side, the cops say they're pretty sure he didn't gratify himself in all of them. He's facing seven felony charges for car theft and destruction of property.

Saginaw County Jail
Saginaw County Jail

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