Police in San Rafael said they arrested a man who was driving recklessly and tried to escape them by diving into a nearby canal.

Officers said they received reports of a Nissan Pathfinder driving recklessly through a parking lot on Canal Street in San Rafael on Thursday afternoon.

The plates were run by the police officers who responded to the call and found that the registered owner had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. As they attempted to make a stop, the suspect fled from the officers, stole a paddleboard, and jumped into the nearby canal.

Google Maps
Google Maps

After some time passed, the suspect was taken into custody with no further incident or injury to any parties involved.

"While fleeing from our officers, the suspect stole a paddle board! After some time, the suspect was taken into custody and no one was harmed during this incident," the San Rafael Police Department wrote on their Facebook page. "The suspect was booked into Marin County Jail for his outstanding warrant and other criminal charges."

The San Rafael Police Department shared a photo of the getaway paddleboard to their Facebook page, along with the story.

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