A school bus driver from Mesa, Arizona is in some hot water after a video has surfaced of an incident involving a boy flying into the windshield after he slammed on the brakes Oct 4th.

Jamie Danielle Tellez, 50 is seen on the bus's on board camera slamming the brakes in anger after a child tried to throw something away and missed the garbage can. Tellez can be heard in the video below saying, "Everyday I would like to beat the s⁠— out of your a—."

The boy suffered injuries after hitting his head on the windshield which left a crack in the glass where his head made contact.

He was arrested and charged with child abuse, threatening or intimidating, endangerment, and reckless driving after the incident. Tellez was also fired by the Mesa Public Schools when the school district was made aware of the incident.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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