Trying to get into a house through the chimney is just about the worst thing you can do, unless you're Santa Claus or a British orphan chimney sweep from the 1800s. No one else is qualified.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

19-year-old Cody Caldwel tried to break into a house in Huron, California on Friday by sliding down the chimney, but he got stuck. Apparently he was afraid to blow his cover by yelling for help, so he just stayed in there.

That became a big problem on Saturday afternoon, when the people in the house decided to actually light a fire in their fireplace. That's when the guy started screaming. The people called 911 and put out the fire, but it was too late. By the time firefighters smashed through the chimney to pull him out, he was dead, most likely from inhaling smoke.

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