NASCAR had a bit of a heated incident on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas when two drivers crashed out, and then one driver shoved the other into their own car.

The incident happened during Stage 2 of the South Point 400. Bubba Wallace, who won in Stage 1, came around Turn 4 of the racetrack when Kyle Larson closed the space between him and the wall, forcing Bubba to bump the wall.

Wallace bounced back off of the wall and into Larson, who went low to recover from the bump. Wallace then followed Larson down low and appears to have intentionally spun him out. The two spun around multiple times and crashed into the wall, and took out racer Christopher Bell as well.

Bubba Wallace then got out of his car, and stormed toward Larson, Wallace throwing his helmet into the ground on the way to confront the other racer.

Wallace shoved Larson into the back corner of his car and continued shoving him a few more times before walking away.

NASCAR is investigating the incident, but Wallace maintains that he didn't hit Larson deliberately. If any penalties toward Wallace are decided, they will be announced and enacted this week.

"I'm smart enough to know how easily these cars break, so when you get shoved into the fence deliberately like he did trying to force me to lift, the steering was gone," Wallace said in a post-race interview. "Larson wanted to make a three-wide divebomb, but he never cleared me and I don't lift."

Wallace continued to blame Larson for the whole ordeal.

"I know I'm kind of new to running up front, but I don't lift. I wasn't even at a spot to lift and he never lifted, either, and now we're junk. Just [very bad] move of his execution."

And as for Bell, who was knocked out of the race because of Wallace and Larson's little incident making him collateral damage.

"Sports," Wallace said with a shrug.

Larson took the blame for Wallace bumping the wall but maintains that Wallace retaliated.

Here's the full broadcast of the ordeal:

"I obviously made an aggressive move into [turn] three, got in low, got loose and chased it up a bit," Larson said. "He got to my right front, and it got him tight and into the wall. I knew he was going to retaliate. He had a reason to be mad, but his race wasn't over until he retaliated.

Christopher Bell, well, he's just disappointed that he was in the crossfire.

"It's disappointing because our performance is capable of racing for the championship, and it doesn't appear that we're going to get to," he said of getting knocked out of this race.

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