Shock collar videos never get old, and this family may be onto a new trend of the videos.

Tik Toker Cody Van Camp had his sister wear a shock collar through a McDonald's drive thru, and randomly fired the thing as she had interactions with the workers.


@codyv11@muhlbish my sister's a trooper 💪 vehicle was in park anytime the collar was used 😉##fyp##foryoupage♬ original sound - codyv11

And of course, Cody wouldn't be a good older brother unless he did it himself.

Warning: Strong Language


@codyv11@muhlbish FOLLOW HER, she's funny AF!! repost!! ##fyp##foryou##shockchallenge♬ original sound - codyv11


Turns out, there's one more brother, and he had to try it, and he doesn't seem as bothered by It as the other two.


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