I happened to catch this Friday night.  At the very end of Brian Williams’ show...this is the way he wrapped up.

Wait, what? Did I hear him correctly or was that a slip up? Did he say "Have a good weekend, unless you have other plans"??
It caught me off guard...because it’s so weird. So, I went back and looked. Sure enough, every week he says the same thing. This is his Friday evening “sign off.”

What the hell is he trying to say?? Who are these people who have “other plans”? And, what are they planning?  It’s gotta be something SO DARK or so awful that it’ll be impossible for them to ‘have a good weekend.'
“Have a good weekend, unless....you’d rather I mind my own business”
“Have a good weekend, unless you’re plotting a casino heist.”
“Have a good weekend, unless that doorbell was the Hospice people and not Amazon.”
“Have a good weekend, unless you’re still stalking that bitch who doesn’t understand true love”.

It's super confusing, and I truly cannot make sense of it.

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