This kid is braver than most men would ever be in this situation.

Tamika Reid was ironing clothes around 10:30am in her South Bend, Indiana, next to her son David who was playing with a toy. Suddenly, 4 men busted into their home.

The men, three of whom were armed with guns, burst through the door of the apartment, immediately grabbing the mom.

David wasn't going to have any of that. He started throwing toys, and grabbing the arms of the intruders.

The South Bend police posted the video on Facebook, hoping to identify the intruders.

"You can see a little boy hitting one of the armed suspects as he tries to defend his home," South Bend police said in a Facebook post where it made the video public. "It is our job now to defend him."

“I’m just, my whole thing was my hero right here. He was trying to hit the guys," Reid told WSBT-TV. "My thing was I need to get him out of the house before they do something to my son."

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