Shane Hale from Sarasota, Florida sold everything he owned and planned to sail the world with his dog, Harley. To get started the pair set out for the Caribbean. Shortly after beginning the journey, Shane's boat was overtaken by a nasty storm.

The boat was tossed about and spun around, Shane was thrown overboard several times trying to control it. The boom eventually broke and knocked him out, when he came to he realized that Harley was gone.

Shane and his boat were towed back to shore by the U.S. Coast Guard, but Harley was still missing. Right away, Shane began spreading the message and started searching for his dog. "At that point in time, even though those guys just spent all that work on [the boat] to bring me and it back to land, I wanted to put a hole in it, and just trade it off for my dog.”

24 hours later, he got a call that Harley had been found at Manasota Beach after swimming nearly three miles to shore. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help Shane and Harley get their life back together.

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