A Blake Shelton look-a-like fooled fans and security at his show in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday. His name is Andrew Dahlen and he does look like Blake in the face. They have the same hair and beard, and are about the same height.

Getty Images / Facebook

As soon as Andrew entered the arena people started swarming. Girls were all giggly and everyone wanted a photo. He even fooled a security guy in a headset who offered to escort him backstage.

They went down a hallway where they passed doors with signs that said staff, food, Blake's Massage, and even Raelynn's dressing room. Eventually, he walked into a buffet area and helped himself to free food.

And then he opened the wrong door. That's when somebody who obviously knew what Blake really looked like, asked what he was doing there. Next thing you know he's being escorted out of the backstage area.

They didn't kick him out of the arena. He went back to his seat where more fans came up for pics and autographs. Some of them even knew he was an imposter but took selfies anyway so they could lie to their friends about meeting Blake Shelton.

Finally, a very large, intimidating security dude came over and told him to stay in his seat, or else. So he did.