Today is the birthday of the late Billy Powell (2nd from left),  Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist, born 6/3/52.  He was a Skynyrd roadie who played a piano-based version of "Free Bird" for Ronnie and a couple other band members, and was instantly promoted to Skynyrd "member" in 1972.  Billy was the only survivor of the plane crash that was out of the hospital in time to attend the funerals of the band members that were killed.  His injuries from the crash were limited to facial lacerations, but he almost lost his nose.  He left all-things-Skynyrd behind for about 10 years and found Christianity, but came back for a 1987 reunion and stayed with the band again until he died.  One of the last things he did in a studio before his death was to play piano on Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" which sampled Sweet Home Alabama throughout.  Billy died in 2009 of an apparent heart attack, no autopsy was ever performed.  So on this honor of a great musician...Skynyrd fans, I salute you!