There's obviously become a sort of a toilet paper shortage. Conversations in lines of places have turned from monotonous talk of how crazy that weather is, to "I heard there's toilet paper at Target." Stores have begun limiting sales to no more than one pack, because the supply is much, much lower than demand.

Business men with no care for right or wrong are buying bulk and reselling the product.

People are taking a page from Europeans, and using a very simple solution: Bidets. If you don't know what a bidet is, it's essentially a water gun for your log cutter, to be used instead of toilet paper.

In one day, Brondell, a company selling bidets on Amazon, earned $100,000 from sales in one day. They sold a bidet almost every two minutes, about 1000 in one day. Brondell's overall revenue stream has increased by over 300%.


Ass-blasters look like the way to go. Easy setup, and you never will have to buy toilet paper again. Sure, there's a cost up front, but think of what you'll save over the next few years. Spray the starfish.

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