What was supposed to be a kind gesture turned into an epic fail, and now a viral video.

Twenty-three-year-old cosmetologist and resident of the Quad Cities, Morgan Boone, was visiting her parents one Sunday afternoon when something not so satisfying happened.

Morgan and her boyfriend had gone out to pick up some coffee as a kind gesture for Morgans' family. As the two returned to the house with the coffee, Morgan was casually walking towards the front door when her parent's Ring doorbell camera caught something quite, well, interesting.

Tiktok @Lizzie_anne2
Tiktok @Lizzie_anne2

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Morgan picked her foot up to climb the single step leading to the front door when all of a sudden, BOOM! Morgan accidentally missed the step and faceplanted into the front door.

Her boyfriend Jared slowly walked up to her (with the coffee cups in hand) and casually asked "Are you OK?"

While that was happening on the outside, her parents inside were wondering why she banged on the door so hard with her hand. Little did they know what just happened.

As Morgan was carried into the house, teary-eyed with a banged-up face, her family asked what happened. To which Morgan replied, "check the doorbell camera."

Morgan and her family couldn't help but laugh at her unfortunate tumble. Morgan decided to upload the video footage to TikTok, where it blew up overnight. The video now has over 2.4 million views and is still growing! Morgan decided to caption her video "I fall so often that my bf is unfazed." 

@lizzie_anne2I fall so often that my bf is unfazed ##TreatiestCupContest ##fyp ##ringdoorbell ##ringfails ##ROMWEnextgen ##comedy ##failarmy ##fail ##lol ##foryoupage♬ original sound - LizzieAnne

The video was so good it ended up on Fail Army (the worldwide leader in funny fail videos and compilations).

Comments On The Tiktok

"You walk too confidently for someone who falls too often. I fall a lot too and quit walking like someone who doesn’t fall."

"Good thing he was holding the drinks."

"Luckily my neck broke my fall."

"Just falling in love over and over again for him."

Click Here to watch the TikTok video

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