I don't know a lot about much--but where to get Tacos in The Quad Cities? I got that.

You can argue Mexican Food all day, and never be 100% right, so here's the best places to at least start on your taco tour.

El Mariachi, Moline. Maybe I've spent too many nights at Rascals, and it's just too easy to put 12 of those puppies down with a few Coronas. But that's the beauty of tacos, right? Easy, tasty. Can't beat 'em.

Adolphs, Moline. That crumbly white cheese and spicy meat combo makes the Adolph's tacos the most unique in the QCA. [And today is .99 tacos--viva America!]

La Flama on Wheels taco truck. Find it. These tacos are awesome. Something about grabbing lunch from a truck, eating them outside, and having the grease run down your arm is the perfect taco eating experience.

Ganzos, Davenport. While I swear the taco buffet made these the best taco value in the Quad Cities, ordering some soft corn shell tacos from Mike is rewarding.

And while I'll surely get yelled at for from the purists, I dig my Rudy's Taco Buffet in Bettendorf. Knowing I just put them closer to Bankruptcy by eating 15 tacos makes me feel good inside--well, until later! Honorable Mention to the Rudy's in the Village for their great alcohol accents to their menu.

There you have it. A great start for your travels today. Lemme know where else I should hit. Thanks!