Well, that escalated quickly. So many things went right at our debut of George Washington's beer from Bent River Brewing Co. in Rock Island last night, you'd never guess that it almost didn't happen.

When we brought the idea to Bent River's brewmasters I thought we might make a little of the 1700's era recipe, and invite a few folks out to have a taste. Well, those guys aren't in the habit of making bad beer and putting their name on it--so my 'great' idea was met with some trepidation.

But then, rather than dismiss the concept outright, they added to it--suggesting they make an update to serve along side. That was the deal maker. What became the end result was more than 500 people sampling last night, and a party atmosphere that mixed the connoisseur and the weekend warrior.

I love it when a plan comes together. Thanks to Bent River Brewing Company, QC Design, The Fun Company for our costumes, and all the folks who came out last night for the Old George's Ale tasting. Here's a taste for the rest of you:

We went live on Facebook to unveil Michaels' patriotic costume:

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