Max Breiter was taking a nap in his Jackson, Wyoming home when Rocky, his 10-pound dog, wouldn't stop barking and making noise.


Turns out a black bear had wandered in through an open door and was in Max's kitchen. “At first I thought it was a dog,” he said, “but I started to wake up and realize it was a bear.”

Max stared at the bear for a few seconds before he made a dash for the bathroom where he locked himself in and started making calls. Seven other people live in the house and he was trying to warn them.

“Initially I heard someone was coming to provide some backup for me,” Max said, “but then I heard the door slam.”

Apparently a house full of yelling people and a yipping dog was too much for the bear. The animal walked into the living room and, according to Max, "took two poops on the floor and then it broke out of a screen window and proceeded to run down the hill.”

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