A bear cub learned the effects of drugs after he was captured and removed from an area while tripping balls on what is known as "mad honey" in Turkey.

The bear had dipped his paw a few too many times in the deli bal - a type of honey made by bees from rhododendron flowers.

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Visibly under the influence of the honey, the bear was loaded up into a truck after he was found whacked out of his mind.

Footage shows the six-month-old cub rolling around and whimpering as it was in the back of the truck. Then, it sat up and just chilled out, like most people do when they're vibing on the devil's lettuce.

Telegraph via YouTube
Telegraph via YouTube

“Our teams brought her to the veterinarian, where we started the treatment process. She is in very good health. We plan to release her back to her natural environment when she regains her health,” Mevlut Sanli Simsek, an official with Turkey’s Nature Conservation and National Parks department told the Anadolu news agency.

“The bear is much better compared to the day she first came. She can eat and walk," veterinarian Murat Unlu, said. "Hopefully, when the bear regains her health completely in the coming days, we will leave her with her mother.”

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Some species of rhododendron bushes

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