Our friend, Mark Racop, who owns Fiberglass Freaks in Indiana, had his garage raided recently by a California Sheriff's Office thousands of miles from their jurisdiction.

Racop, who is the only artist licensed to replicate the 1966 Batmobile, told ABC 7 that customer Sam Anagnostou ordered one of the $210,000 vehicles, but missed a $20,000 payment during the building process. He "disappeared on me for over eight months, almost nine months."

ABC's I-Team says sources claim Anagnostou asked his friend, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, to intervene. So, he sent a lieutenant, sergeant and two deputies to Fiberglass Freaks in Logansport, Indiana - some 2,300 miles away.

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Google Maps

The trip, according to ABC 7, consisted of four round-trip plane tickets, three nights of hotels, meals, rental cars, and overtime.

Racop was arrested, taken to the Logansport Police Department to be processed, and was handed a court date for him to appear in San Mateo, California.

Now, Dan Noyes, the San Mateo area news anchor with ABC 7 who has been spearheading this case and the news station's investigation, was finally able to talk to the San Mateo County District Attorney, Steve Wagstaffe.

Wagstaffe said he did not approve of the search and arrest warrants that the sheriff's investigators brought him, and that in his 45 years working in the DA's office, has never seen a raid by the sheriff's office to another state for a non-violent case.

"If the person they wanted to go arrest was the Godfather in New York City, maybe you go with a few more people, but not-- in the average one, it's not something that I've seen," Wagstaffe told Noyes.

For the time, the arraignment for August 19th has been canceled.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos remains absent on a month-long vacation.

Read more at ABC 7

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