While many countries have moved to a futuristic bathrooms that house multiple gender-neutral pod-style stalls with fully enclosed doors, the US hasn't quite made it there yet.

You've probably seen toilets in Japan on TV, with bidets and all kinds of futuristic gadgets, and cleaner, more sanitary lavitories all around.

Considering most American public restrooms don't have a lid on them, every time someone flushes the toilet, a toilet plume forms, throwing droplets in the air, throwing bacteria everywhere. It turns the bowl's contents to an aerosol form, throwing poo particles in people's noses, on their clothes, the doorhandles, sinks, and every other surfaces.

People have begun making some requests about public restrooms.

  • Adding lids to toilets
  • More hands free devices; auto-flushing toilets, motion sensor sinks, soap dispensers, doors, etc.
  • Cutting stalls in half, to limit the distance particles can fly.
  • Switch to metals that are more anti-bacterial

An American Standard spokesperson said they hope to only offer hands free toilets, because people don't touch the handles, they kick them.

With a virus that travels through poo traveling our country, it may be time for some changes.

We'll see how any of it affects the turd on our wall here.

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