There's an elderly black woman named Auntie Fee running her very own cooking show, Naw'm Sayin'? You'll laugh until you stop. One brave listener tried Auntie Fee's chicken recipe.

WARNING: Very NSFW Language

We got this email from Jen:

OK so I watched Miss Fee today. Decided to make her chicken in the sink. I can not get enough of her cross contamination! So awesome with the Ebola deal and all. Awesome!

I made her chicken. I washed it and seasoned it in a big bowl, couldn't do the sink thing I'm sorry. I did however drop a drum on the floor while I was tossing them, ran some water over it. Back in the party. It was fine!

They were then tossed, with flour for the gravy (we opted for gravy) half frozen into a casserole and baked covered in foil for 2 hours at 350°. I wanted 3 hours so it would "Fall off the mother fucking bone" but it was getting late. My mother fucking kids gotta get to bed so they can sleep in tomorrow since school is on strike.

We just ate at 830p.

That shit was actually not bad! Those fatasses ate like they just got out the penn. I also paired the shit with green beans and carrots so the fucking kids got some good shit too. I can't stop fucking talking like her now GOD DAMMIT! This is a disease. I think I need help....

Here's the chicken video:

Don't forget the rest of Auntie Fee's show:

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