This is EXACTLY why I'm afraid to try to step foot in any Public Libraries, I never know what they've got outstanding for me.

Mindy Jones applied for a promotion, and was awaiting results as her boss was completing a background check. The boss found a warrant for a misdemeanor charge, issued two years ago.

Turns out, she checked out "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Silverstein, and the "Night" trilogy from the local library, and neglected to return the books.

Jones is facing up to 93 days in jail, or a $500 fine. She found out about her outstanding books when she tried to use the library's printer, but was refused service.

Officials at the library said that borrowers are notified about the books before being turned over to the authorities.

If almost 100 days is the punishment for 2 years overdue, the woman who returned the book overdue for 74 years is a lucky duck. 

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