Believe it or not, I've borrowed a book from the library before, and of course I forgot to turn it back in. I haven't been back because I owe the library late fees, and I don't want the doors to lock behind me when I walk in. I thought my situation was bad, but Jean Durham's got me beat.

Jean was cleaning out her study when she stumbled across her mother's copy of "Lady of the Lake" by Sir Walter Scott. When she opened the cover, she found that the book had been checked out from the Berkeley Library in 1945. She's braver than me, because that's like 5 cents a day owed, over almost 27,000 days.

Berkley Library
Berkley Library

The library was shocked when Durham walked through the door with a book due back 74 years ago, and to her relief, they eliminated late fees in 2018.

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