A trio of armed robbers had their plan go to turd real quick after they found their getaway car was not where they left it when they came out of the heist they were pulling in Colorado over the weekend.

Three armed and masked individuals went in to rob a check-cashing service in Commerce City on Saturday morning, local police say.

During their 11am heist of Hi Lo Check Cashing on Tuesday, a female thief in the vicinity saw an opportunity to get herself a brand new set of wheels.

The Commerce Police Department said the woman "seized the opportunity to do what criminals do – steal what was very likely already a stolen vehicle,"

The Commerce Police Department shared video of the woman stealing the vehicle from the parking lot.

The robbers inside the business came out to find that their car was nowhere to be found, forcing them to all run on foot to get away. However, police caught two of them shortly after arriving on the scene.

"Bested by an industry colleague," the police department said. "It happens to everyone, boys. Because the female car thief took their ride, the armed suspects were forced to flee on foot... and we caught two of them (juvenile males)... and two of their guns."

Nobody was harmed during the incident, and authorities said they were grateful to the car thief.

"So ma'am – whoever you are – we'd like to shake your hand," police said. "Then slap a pair of handcuffs on it because you're also facing Motor Vehicle Theft charges."

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