You may not have heard of Lance Richardson, but the players you watch in professional baseball have probably used his handy work.

Lance is the co-owner of TAT2 Bat Company in scenic Maquoketa, he creates baseball bats out professional quality maple and ash.

TAT2 Bat Co. LLC
TAT2 Bat Co. LLC

He's fulfilled orders for players across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, some of those include MLB players. Players like Ethan Chapman who was formerly part of the Royals organization, Luis Curbelo Jr with the White Sox, and Scott Bullet who's played for the Cubs and the Pirates.

TAT2 isn't MLB certified, but their bats can be used for batting practice and tee work. Many pro players even use their bats in their batting academies.

They recently received an order from the Professional Mexican League for 420 bats and a nearly same amount for a deal in Puerto Rico.

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