Back in 1987 you couldn't find a hotter chick than Tawny Kitaen.  In fact, her appearance in the Here I Go Again video for Whitesnake ushered in puberty a lot quicker than nature had planned for me.

She was the quintessential rock goddess in Whitesnake's "Still of the Night" and "Is This Love," as well as in Ratt's "Back for More."

Men of a certain age will certainly agree with me that there was no one like Tawny Kitaen.  I mean who else could do a cart wheel in a skirt from Jaguar to Jaguar?  David Coverdale was a lucky man who was envied by every young man who was lucky enough to have his parents pay for premium cable and have MTV at his fingertips.

This Friday, February 11th, Quad City band No eXcuse is hosting a Tawny Kitaen look alike contest at Gypsy Highway.  They're shooting a video and want you to show off your best Whitesnake Girl impression.

No eXcuse makes it’s debut at Gypsy Highway and will be shooting a new live video. Come on out and be a part of this event and be in our video. Bring those dancing shoes, and dance the night away. Who knows you may be the next Tawny Kitaen. So come on out and be in our new video.

I don't know if you'll be rolling around on top of a car but this sounds like one hell of a time.

No eXcuse is:
Rob Bradney - Lead Vocals
Sam Pement - Guitars / Vocals
Jeff Venhorst - Guitars / Vocals
Mark Moss - Bass / Vocals
Rick Osborn - Drums

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