Have you ever been to The United Center to watch a Chicago Blackhawks game?

(Tasos Katopodis - Getty Images)

If so, I'm sure you're familiar with the second intermission "Shoot The Puck" contest. Typically there are 3 contestants: 1) a kid 2) someone famous (actor or athlete) and 3) an attractive lady.

Well due to a social media backlash, organist Frank Pellico will no longer be able to play "The Stripper" when they bring out the 3rd contestant.

I guess I need to ask the question... Is it a big deal to you? Do you find the playing of this song degrading to women? Are the Blackhawks making the right decision? Or, Do you think it this is a "PC S-storm" created by busybodies with nothing better to do?

Oh, I almost forgot. The whole 3Hawks Goals movement also wants to change the outfits of the Blackhawks Ice Girls too!

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Feel free to express your thoughts below.

(Chicago Sun Times)