If you've ever had a kidney stone, you already know that it's one of the worst pains known to mankind, but apparently, there's a new life hack for blasting one of those pellets of calcium out of your hole.

“Come with me to pass a kidney stone at Disney,” TikToker Steph Fallon wrote on the TikTok she shared that has brought in over 1 million views.

She said she had been dealing with some kidney stones, which aren't always the easiest to pass - especially if they've found themselves with some larger stones. Kidney stones can vary from the size of a chickpea all the way up to a golf ball.

After researching remedies and cures online to help pass the kidney stones, she kept seeing people mention one fix that seemed like it was so crazy, it just might work.

So, Steph hopped on a plane near her home in New Jersey and flew down to Orlando, to put the unorthodox fix to the test - Riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World.

“We rode in the very back row like all of the articles said you had to do to pass a kidney stone,” Steph said in a voice-over with her careening around curves on the railway-themed ride.

She rode the railway twice to make sure the stone was really shaken up, stopped and got a souvenir, and then headed back to the airport - in severe pain.

She got back to New Jersey around midnight, and when she woke up the next morning, she found that the trick had worked.

attachment-Kidney stone

“I was literally shocked, I had passed the kidney stone,” she said as she showed the sharp-edged stone.

She documented the whole trip here:

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