There's a guy near Philadelphia who won't reveal his name. But he's been doing something pretty cool for almost a decade.

Back in 2008, he anonymously donated Thanksgiving dinner to 30 families who couldn't afford it. Apparently he worked with a charity, and paid for everything they'd need. And he's kept doing it every year since then, but it's gotten even bigger.

This year he's donating enough food for 150 family dinners, including about 3,000 pounds of turkey and $22,000 worth of groceries.

He's working with a charity called the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, which delivers groceries to people who can't afford them. A lot of the people they help are parents with kids who are battling some sort of illness.

One of the women who helps with deliveries said a lot of the people would just be going to soup kitchens on Thanksgiving. So they really need it.

A social worker who's involved said that when she told some of the families about it last week, they started crying because they appreciated it so much.

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