A poll comes out every year for St. Patrick's Day to find out which beer brands are the most respected. Taste isn't the only thing that comes into play here.

Wine Conglomerate Constellation Brands Buys Corona From Anheuser-Busch InBev
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An easy way to describe it would be: it's a list of the beers people order when they want to look "cool."

  1. Samuel Adams. The most respected brand for the 4th straight year and number one for men.
  2. Corona. Up four spots from last year.
  3. Budweiser. Most respected brand among women.
  4. Heineken.
  5. Stella Artois.
  6. Bud Light.
  7. Redd's Apple Ale.
  8. Guinness.
  9. Dos Equis.
  10. Blue Moon.

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