51-year-old Raymond Mazzarella from Pittston Township, Pennsylvania has had an issue for a while with his neighbor's tree. I guess a few of the branches hang over his parking spot and drip sap onto his car.


He decided to take care of it on Saturday afternoon by using a chainsaw to cut down the entire tree. Clearly he didn't think the plan through, because when the tree tipped over it crashed right into his place.

If it were just his house, I'd call that karma, but unfortunately, it's a house that's divided into a bunch of apartments.

The damage was so bad that the whole place was condemned, so Raymond left five people without any place to live. The Red Cross is helping them out while they figure out temporary places to stay.

Meanwhile, that wasn't the end of Raymond's adventure. He went back on Monday afternoon and got into an argument with his neighbor that ended with him hitting the guy with a baseball bat.

He's in jail right now for assault and harassment.

Luzerne County Sheriff's Office

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