An American Lawyer and his wife are refusing to evacuate the quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan, because they feel it's safer aboard the ship. He's taken to twitter to stop the spread of misinformation, by tweeting multiple times a day for updates.


Matthew Smith decided he and Katherine Smith made the decision just ahead of the US removing hundreds of American passengers from the boat, where they've all been quarantined since early this month.



Smith says he's skeptical that the government's plan to evacuate US citizens on two flights from Japan will be effective, because he's sure there will be people with the illness on the flight.

The US government's plan is not to test the people, get them all together on busses, then fly them back to the US, where they'll sit in quarantine for another two weeks before being tested and okayed to go home.

According to the CDC, anyone exhibiting symptoms won't be allowed on the flights, but Matthew says otherwise.


Smith says if he and Mrs. Smith stay another week, they'll be tested by officials, and then they'll be allowed to disembark, and will find their own way home.  



Matthew Smith live tweeted during the transfer of Americans from the ship onto the busses that would take them to the airport.


While you would think the food during a quarantine would consist of MRE's, the Smiths were impressed by the meals.



The kitchen staff didn't let the quarantine get them down, they still had fun and continued to work.

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