Give it up to Alice Cooper, who appears to have been thinking ahead when he lent his name to a branded chocolate milk product earlier this year. Milk is the perfect remedy for some smoking hot sauces, and now Cooper is getting in on branding a line of hot sauces as well.

The shock rocker has a trio of new branded sauces that may be a shock to your system. You've got "Welcome to My Nightmare," "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Poison," all named after Cooper songs, that have an increasing heat level. All three hot sauces can be found as part of his partnership with United Sauces.

“In general I don’t believe food should be painful. But in the case of my hot sauces it is PAIN, PLEASURE, PAIN, PLEASURE! Just repeat until satisfied," says Cooper.

"Welcome to My Nightmare" is the mildest of the sauces, cultivating a medium heat taste with Serrano chiles and an early flavor of lime. "The robust flavor of garlic and a hint of cumin will have you feeling right at home with this Southwestern sauce," reads the description. You can place your order here.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" is the medium hot sauce. Aged with red Habanero peppers, this sauce creates a balance of heat and flavor. You can check this sauce out at this location.

Finally, "Poison" is the "reaper hot" sauce of the batch. "Your senses will tell you to sop when you feel the Reaper chiles running through your veins," reads the description for this sauce. You can get the "Poison" sauce here.

All three sauces can be found at select stores and online globally via

United Sauces
United Sauces

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