Sometimes, "the dog ate my homework," doesn't quite get you off the hook like you need it to. No, sometimes you have to do something drastic to keep from losing the 10 points for not getting your work done in time. Something... felonious, perhaps?

21-year old Ray Persaud, a student at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota a year ago, was recently arrested by police in connection with bomb threats called in to the school.

On April 17th, August 20th, and September 17th of 2019, fake bomb threats were called in to the campus, which Persaud has now explained he did because he forgot to do his homework.

Even though Persaud made the calls through an app that allowed him to use multiple phone numbers instead of his own, police were finally able to trace it all back to him.

Ray pled guilty to making a false threat, and will be sentenced later on this year.

Read more at FOX 9 - Minneapolis

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