This sounds great. But how long until the airlines realize we'll pay extra for it? They're already charging us for everything else . . .

Japan Airlines just launched a new feature on its website that helps you avoid sitting next to a baby.

When you pick your seats, there's an icon on any seats where kids two and under are sitting. So you can make sure you're as far away from them as possible.

Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines

It only works if the parents booked their tickets online. And we haven't seen any other airlines doing it yet. But an online survey found most people like the idea . . .

57% said it's a good feature, only 17% said it's not, and 26% weren't sure.

Some parents don't like it though, because they feel like they're being discriminated against. And they don't want random people to know where they're sitting.

Read more at CNN / YouGov.

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