They used to air the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony live on VH1 Classic, back before anyone actually had VH1 Classic.  You got to see a completely uncensored, uncut version of the show. Commercial breaks were filled will wandering cameras and roadies setting up the stage for the next act.

Warts & All

in 2012, when GNR got inducted, we sat in front of a buddy's computer and watched as someone streamed a video monitor from their phone to our tiny monitor.

It was cool!  It was....rock & roll?

This year, they'll be airing the ceremony from Cleveland’s Public Hall live on a giant screen on the museum’s stage and several large screens within the Museum and we'll have to wait for a week or two later to watch it on HBO.

The actual ceremony happens April 8th.  HBO airs it April 30th.  Mark your calendars.

Here's one of my favorite R&RHOF moments of all time...Prince kicking your ASS!  Still gives me chills!