Today, back in 2011, a full 25+ years after it's release, The song Money for Nothing from Dire Straits received an official "ban" from Canadian radio (CBSC) ruling that the lyrics were no longer acceptable.  This of course, was specifically pointed at the use of the f-word.

Not ALL radio stations in Canada adhered to the ban, which was another story entirely. Here in the United States, we didn't get an FCC ban, or ruling, or even much protest.   So now that it's been 30 years of playing the song on the radio, how do you feel TODAY when you hear those lyrics?

Are you uncomfortable?

Are you waiting for an uproar?

Do you think it's still "OK" to play it on the radio, or should it be edited?   Funny to me, is how far-less-specific "slips of the tongue" today can cost someone a job or a career, and can lead to WEEKS of media coverage!

First-person vs. third-person.  Precedent or no-precedent. Whatever the argument about that song, I'm not denying the struggle for some people, but does progress today befit the paranoia?