I'm guessing craft beer lovers were offended by this gag.

Imagine finding out your favorite local brewery had replaced all of their taps with...Well, to put it nicely, non-craft beer.

That's exactly the stunt Green Tree Brewery in LeClaire just pulled for April Fool's Day.

Check out the brewery's Facebook post below:

It seems like followers got a kick out of the joke at least. For a place that prides itself on its original brews, obviously Green Tree didn't just up and decide to start serving Coors Light and the like.

In the comments of the post, Green Tree said that the photo is actually 100 percent accurate and not Photoshopped. Apparently, the brewery did replace their real taps with those of inferior beers a few years ago. Just goes to show that they know how to worry their customers and they have no problem reusing the same joke from year to year.

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