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If you watched Ozzy Osbourne's "Under the Graveyard" may have caught a preview of things to come.  Turns out the reenactment of a younger Ozzy is the basis of a biopic. 1979 to 1983 was a CRAZY time for the Ozzman...and you can look forward to a movie soon!

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If you've ever stared at a Pink Floyd album...probably with red eyes & dilated pupils, you may have wondered how the band came up with the artwork.  We've got answers behind 19 trippy LP covers.

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What's become known as the Brussels Affair, is a rare live Rolling Stones show that was released in the deluxe edition of Goats Head Soup.  Keith Richards says what's interesting about the show is that the band didn't know it was being recorded so they didn't give a damn.

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