A nursing home administrator in Texas went the extra mile for a resident staying in his facility this weekend.

"Hey, what's up y'all, I'm the nursing home administrator and this is how I make my residents smile on a really cold winter day in Texas," the admin, who doesn't mention his name, says.

He shows his resident, a 94-year-old woman bundled up in a coat and hat, under layers of blankets and laying on a wide, two-seat inflatable tube.

"Have you ever been tubing before?" The admin asks.

"Uh uh." She replied. He asks how old she is, and she replies with "94."

With the help of another employee, the admin pulls the resident around the snowy parking lot as she grins and smiles.

"How was tubing?" He asks when the video cuts to the two, back inside.

"That was fun!" She says with a chuckle.

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