Alex Fischer is 9 years old, but has reached an impressive fundraising goal for those in need.

Two years ago Lisa Fischer, Alex's mother, decided her family should pick and take part of a community service project. They decided on the Charlotte Rescue Mission. The mission provides a free 120 day Christian based residential program to rehabilitate those who battle addictions with drugs and alcohol, and many are homeless.

The mission holds an annual Thanksgiving food drive, and Alex decided to hit that fundraiser head on. Lisa said Alex's initial goal was 10 boxed meals, which is a pretty high goal. They surpassed that, and the goal just keeps rising.

Last year they set the goal for 101 boxes, and ended up donating 130 boxes.

This year so far, they've raised enough for over 110 boxes. They have a couple ways they raise money, one of which is a lemonade stand run by her and her 6 year old sister Caroline. The other is through a Go Fund Me. 

Lisa Fischer via Go Fund Me
Lisa Fischer via Go Fund Me

This last weekend was the first time they sold out at their lemonade stand.

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