Johnny Gondesen, 83-years-old and a great-grandfather, wrote the song "Christmas is Here" for his kids in 1965. A frontman for a country band, he always had the dream of hearing one of his songs on the radio.

When the song was recorded over 50 years ago, Johnny passed out the song on a 45 rpm record to a bunch of his friends. The song never made out of the circles he ran with, but that all changed in 2014 when his kids made a home made video for the song. They wanted people to download the song on iTunes, and "make our grandpa feel famous."

Gondesen's dreams made it all the way to a local news station, who played a few lines of the song when telling his story. Not long after his appearance on the news, a local Houston radio station picked up the song, and started playing it.

Johnny's son, Johnny Jr, thinks the song could be bigger than "Baby Shark."

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