George Hood, 62, has set the male world record for holding an abdominal plank position, and he says he's in the best shape of his life.

On February 15th, Hood held a plank for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, seizing the Guinness Book of World Records record for a second time.

George originally broke the record in 2011, at 1 hour 20 minutes. He tried to set it again in 2016, but lost to Mao Weidong from China, who set it to 8 hours, 1 minute, 1 second.

George trained an average of 7 hours a day before beating the record this time. He said he trains 4-5 hours today in the plank pose. He does 700 pushups a day, 2,000 situps, 500 squats, and around 300 arm curls every day.


Here's our interview with George from this morning.


After adding up training hours, George racked up about 2,100 hours planking.

To help pass the time, he says the best thing to do is turn music up so loud "you think you're at a concert." His choice is Van Halen.

George didn't break the record for himself, but to help bring awareness to mental illness in military and law enforcement through the gym he's at. He himself served as a Marine and a DEA Special Agent.

 "Every tree that's planted has roots. Once that tree is planted and those roots start to grow, whether it be 30 seconds or a minute or 5 minutes or an hour of holding a plank, you start repeating the process and taking care of your tree, it will grow and you will improve and you will actually get better."

In true badass fashion, George celebrated after beating the record again by busting out a quick 75 pushups.

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