A 6-year-old girl from New Jersey is being hailed as a hero after saving her family during a house fire.

Just after 2am, 6-year-old Madalyn Karlbon woke up from the sound of a smoke detector. None of the rest of her family heard the noise, so she ran to alert her parents.

Her father, Jimmy Karlbon, a volunteer firefighter and former fire Chief, said he didn't hear the smoke detectors, just his daughter screaming "Daddy, the house is on fire." When he woke up, the upstairs of their home was already filled with smoke.

Jimmy grabbed his 2-year-old son and Madalyn and put them on the front porch, and ran back inside to get his wife.

One of the firemen who responded said he had just had Madalyn a few weeks before in a school training on fire safety.

The local fire department is proud of the little girl's quick thinking, and bravery through her family losing almost all of their belongings in this near complete-loss fire.

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