Since everyone's talking about the new "Star Wars" movie, here are some facts you may not have known about the previous six movies:

1. The original Obi-Wan, Alec Guiness, thought the movies were, quote, "fairy-tale rubbish". But thanks to his 2% cut of the profits, he made over $95 million from the three he was in.

2. Harrison Ford was only paid $10,000 for the first movie.

3. Yoda’s species has never been named.

4. The word Ewok is never said out loud in the Star Wars movies.

5. "Return of the Jedi" was originally going to be called "Revenge of the Jedi". So "Star Trek 2" was changed from "The Revenge of Khan" to "The Wrath of Khan" to avoid confusion.

6. The communicator Liam Neeson uses in "The Phantom Menace" is actually an altered Gillette Sensor Excel women's razor.

7. Tupac Shakur auditioned for the role of Mace Windu.

8. Lucasfilm has someone on staff whose job is just to maintain "Star Wars" canon.

9. E.T.'s species are part of the "Star Wars" universe. A delegation of the aliens can be seen in the Galactic Senate in "The Phantom Menace".

10. The phrase "I have a bad feeling about this" is said in every film.

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